A large portion of the artwork and graphic content is from the amazing stylish (and increasingly ubiquitous) Eugen Buzuk at IconDrawer.
Andy provides the oh so helpful Sparkle framework which powers the auto-update functionality in Pomoto.
Rainer is the code ninja responsible for the RBSplitView framework, an incredibly useful replacement for Cocoa's NSSplitView.
Pomoto also contains bits and pieces of code that the following people have been kind enough to post online for us lessers to plunder:
Chad Weider Author of the brilliant CTGradient
Matt Gemmell Legendary developer of tons of great source code
Dave Batton Mere mortal author of DBPrefsWindowController
Wil Shipley Notoriously delicious former overlord of The Omni Group
John Gruber The Daring Fireball himself and author of Markdown
While typing those names out, I couldn't help notice that apart from one superfluous 'l' in Matt's name they all contain the exact same number of characters. See for yourself. Coincidence?
And Friends...
I owe countless thanks to my willing and patient beta testers, whom I've pestered for the last months with version after version. I'm not sure you all realize what an impact you've had on Pomoto, but rest assured I will be eternally grateful for your help and support.

So thanks again to Gwendy, Katrien, Chris, Katalin, Stefan, Elissa, Teea, Peter, Robin and Mighty Mick.

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