I've been putting photos online for a long time, and I've tried a number of different solutions. From the perl and php scripts of yore to the social sites embedded in the translucent heart of today's Zeitgeist, nothing has ever seemed to really fit me.

I even made my own attempts to create online galleries for my friends and I which turned out to be just as disappointing. Not because of any failure with the code, of course, which was a model of beauty and perfection. And I couldn't blame my apathetic friends, although I certainly attempted to do so.
I hardly used the system myself. But I was starting to understand where my real issues lay.

I'm lazy.

It pains me to take the time to organize and manage my photos in iPhoto, so I'm certainly never going to do it a second time online. Pomoto allows you to utilize that work that you've already put into organization. Just spent an hour picking 50 decent photos out of the 700 you took on your last trip to Dollywood? Publishing your new iPhoto album is 3 clicks away.

I'm snobby.

I like pretty things. I'm a sucker for the sleek and shiny. If a tool or service doesn't look good, I won't use it. It just hurts too much. I'm also a bit of a symmetry and alignment freak. I hear others have similar problems with typography and color. If you're one of us, I feel for you, but I'm here to help. Pomoto offers clean, minimal theme designs that emphasize functionality through simplicity. And if you want to change things up, by all means go ahead! Pomoto produces valid HTML and offers complete theme creation and customization through CSS.

I'm egotistical.

When I post my photos online for friends and family, I want to be the focus. Me me me me me. Ads are out of the question. Also unacceptable is a littering of links to whatever service I'm using. And I couldn't care less about people with 'similar' pictures to me. Pomoto makes your gallery about you, not about us. Don't like our one tasteful link back to Pomoto? Get rid of it! It's your gallery after all.