We've just released version 1.0.1 of Pomoto. This release includes some new features, but these features were so missed in the last version that we might as well call this a bug-fix release. Here's a brief look at the most important changes:

  • Support for iPhoto Smart Albums
  • Support for iPhoto 7 Events
  • Handles iPhoto libraries that contain aliases
  • More robust photo loading

Another change that was made was the way private albums work. Private albums now have no references or links back to your gallery. This is perfect for the situation where you want to share some photos of your last company party with a few colleagues without exposing your personal gallery. A few changes in the HTML and CSS were made to support this, so if your gallery looks a bit strange just force a refresh or empty your browser cache.

To update, just start up Pomoto or click 'Check for Updates...' from the Pomoto menu. And of course, be sure to send our way any feedback or questions that you may have.