In honor of the upcoming holidays (Thanksgiving, for those non-Americans out there), we here at Pomoto are offering our own 'Turkey Special'. This is a two course special...

Your main meal is an update to Pomoto. We've just released Pomoto 1.1 with some nice new features to make publishing your gallery that much easier. Top of the list is a dramatic speed-up of the 'Preparing to Publish...' phase of publishing your gallery. After an initial publish, you'll be treated to lightening fast publishing. We've seen the publish preparation time of a good-sized gallery (around 2000 photos) drop from 5 minutes down to 3 seconds. Wow. We've also added some much requested preferences to control your key photos for Albums and Events.

The dessert is for new users of Pomoto. For the next week, everyone who registers a trial account is entitled to 1 month of free, unlimited publishing to Pomoto. To claim your dessert, all you have to do is publish a picture of a turkey. Then just send us a link to your gallery and we'll make it happen. Additionally, on Thanksgiving day we'll choose our 3 favorite turkeys and give a full year of unlimited publishing to the lucky winners.

Visiting family and friends over the holidays? Now's the perfect time to set them up with a Pomoto gallery of their own. Gobble, gobble!