One of the most requested improvements to Pomoto is a selection of darker themes. I'm pleased to announce that the 1.3 release of Pomoto includes two new themes, 'Basic Charcoal' and 'Basic Onyx'. While we're working on a couple of completely new themes, we hope these additions will satisfy those that absolutely, positively need a dark theme now. Here's a screenshot of 'Basic Charcoal':

But these themes aren't the only goodies included in 1.3. Here's the full change log:

  • New Themes 'Basic Charcoal' and 'Basic Onyx' for a darker look.
  • Updated all themes to not crop the key photos on your homepage.
  • New preference for controlling the order of homepage key photos.
  • Fixed major issue with publishing GIF images.
  • Fixed major issue with certain early versions of iPhoto 4.
  • Fixed issue with non-ascii characters in your Facebook profile.