Privacy Policy
Many policies around the web seem to be focused more on confusing rather than informing. We don't like that, and have tried here to lay out our own practices as clearly as possible.
Personal Information
The only personal information we receive directly from our users is an email address (which is strictly voluntary) and an IP address (as a protection against abuse).

After the purchase of a subscription for Pomoto, we receive additional information from PayPal including but not limited to first and last name, email address, country of residence and PayPal ID. More information about PayPal's practices can be found on their own Privacy Policy.

We will never give or sell your personal information to any 3rd party, unless forced to by law.

We will only use your information in order to contact you if you have explicitly agreed to this or if there is urgent information that we need to notify you of that is directly related to your account with Pomoto.

Non-Personal Information
We occasionally use 'cookies' and 'javascript' to collect anonymous traffic data from visitors of our website and galleries. We use this data for tracking trends in an effort to provide a better experience for our visitors. This data may be managed by a 3rd party.

We also use cookies to store viewing preferences for visitors of our galleries.

System Information
When you publish to Pomoto, we collect some information about your computer system. This information is strictly for our own use, with the goal of having a better understanding of our users, and of providing more directed help and support. The information we collect includes:
  • Pomoto Version
  • Mac OS Version
  • iPhoto Version
  • Java Version
  • System Locale
  • System Architecture (PPC or Intel)
Policy Changes
While we believe strongly in the online rights of individuals, and will always try to reflect this in our Privacy Policy, we must be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, we reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any point in time.

If substantial changes are made regarding the sharing of our user's personal information, we will first provide notification of these changes with an opportunity to opt-out of such sharing.

If you have any questions or comments about any part of this policy, please let us know by contacting us.

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